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Jan 13, 2014, 5:34 PM
CredibleMeds® is pleased to announce that My Medicines Forms, our new record-keeping and notification system, is now available.
Aug 21, 2013, 5:37 PM
CredibleMeds'® releases CredibleCDS™ - an open-source drug safety resource for use in clinical decision support systems.
Jun 30, 2013, 5:35 PM
Nature Reviews of Cardiology invited Dr. Raymond L. Woosley to author an article, assessing cardiovascular drug safety for clinical decision-making which appears in Volume 10 of the Cardiology Review.
Mar 22, 2013, 5:39 PM
The Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology invited Dr. Raymond Woosley to author an article on the past, present and future of drug regulation which appears in Volume 53 of the Review.