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In the last 9 months, over 153,000 unique visitors from 174 countries have accessed the CredibleMeds® website. This represents a 29 increase and 48% of visitors are from outside the U.S. 

Because of the global acceptance of the CredibleMeds® website and to simplify access to the QTdrugs lists, we no longer ask users to choose between U.S. and International lists. We have added a note on the lists when a drug is not marketed in the U.S. and hope this change will speed and simplify your visits to the website.

A global focus for CredibleMeds® means that we need your help in identifying medicines marketed outside the U.S. that are candidates for our QTdrugs lists. If you would like to suggest a drug (U.S. or international) for our consideration, you can send an email to info@credibleMeds.org or, if you are one of our 9,000 registered members, simply go to “My Profile” after logging in to the website and click on “Suggest drug for review.”

If you are not now a registered member, we hope you will join and begin accessing the additional data and services members receive. Be assured that members are not contacted without their permission, such as when they request notification of changes that are made to the QTdrugs lists.

We hope you find these changes to be helpful and look forward to obtaining your feedback by simply commenting to this blog entry.


Ray Woosley, MD, PhD

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