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You are the most important member of your healthcare team. CredibleMeds offers resources for you to become an active participant and personalize your decisions for safe medication use.  Additional information and resources are also provided to consumers, healthcare professionals and research scientists who register to receive access to credible analyses of the scientific research on medications and their safe use.


pill.pngWhy take control of your medication use?


Safe Medication Use Saves Lives

To review the basic principles and tips for safe medication use, click here.


Important Information about Drug Interactions

To review brief articles about drug interactions with other drugs and with foods, click here.



tools.pngTools you can use:


QTdrugs List of drugs that can cause arrhythmias

Click here for a downloadable list of over 180 medicines that have a potential risk of causing heart rhythm disturbances and perhaps death.  If you have inherited sudden death in your family, click here for the list of over 210 medicines that you may want to avoid.


Your Personal Medication List - Meds I Take printable forms

Click here for a downloadable form to help you keep a record of the medicines you take (English or Spanish) - (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).



bulb.pngMore trusted information for you about medicines:


Ask the Heart Expert

Click here to review commonly asked questions and answers about heart arrhythmias, long QT syndrome, and torsades de pointes arrhythmia.


Useful Links

Links to other sites that give additional information on medicines.