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Welcome to "My Medicines Online List"

Keeping track of the medicines and supplements you take is an excellent way to be an active member of your healthcare team. We have several options to help you keep an accurate records of the medicines you and your family members are using.




ref.png"My Medicines Online List" with MedSafety Scan®  - An online record-keeping and safety notification system to help you keep an up-to-date account of the medicines you take.  You can create separate lists for each family member. MedSafety Scan® automatically checks your list of medicines that you take for drugs that can cause QT prolongation.  It also notifies you if a medicine you are taking is later added to one of the QT risk categories. Stay safe and create your My Medicines Online List today.  Use this list to keep your doctors and pharmacists informed of all the medicines you take.

Also, go to one of the many online drug interaction checkers such as the following and use your list to check for dangerous drug interactions:

 WebMD Checker       BC/BS Checker      Cerner/Multum Checker 



 "Medicines I Take"- A printable template for you to keep a written up-to-ref.pngdate record of the medicines you take.  Create separate records for each family member. This is essential information to have in your wallet or purse for your physicians and pharmacists, especially in the event of an emergency.


 Mi Registro de Medicamentos es un documento en formato PDF, que tanto usted como su equipo de salud pueden imprimir y diligenciar a mano. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)


bulb.pngOther forms for medication records are also available from:

 U.S. Food and Drug Administration