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Registration Page

Thank You for your interest in the CredibleMeds website

With online registration, you can gain access to the QTdrugs list and many other resources to assist you in making decisions about the safe use of medicines.

Please review the Terms of Use policy for use of the information provided at CredibleMeds.

Note:  Registration by commercial users of CredibleMeds’ copyrighted material (including QTdrugs List) requires purchase of a commercial use license.

Benefits that All Registrants Receive at CredibleMeds.
  • Discover reliable information about medicines
  • Ability to search the QTdrugs list for drugs with potential risk of QT prolongation or torsades de points (TdP)
  • Receive e-newsletters and notification when the QT Drugs list has been revised
Benefits to Non-Commercial Registrants (patients, healthcare providers, researchers and the public)
  • Access to QTdrugs List and each drug’s risk category of causing increased QT and/or Torsades de Pointes (TdP)
  • Opportunity to submit questions on specific drugs to AZCERT
  • Optional free E-mail newsletter on safe use of medicines
Benefits to Licensed Registrants From Commercial (For-profit) Entities
  • Single User or Multi-User licensed access to the complete QTdrugs List
  • Ability to download the QTdrugs List and selected meta data for each drug (e.g. contraindicated drugs, medical use, market status, etc)
  • Ability to incorporate the QTdrugs List in internal company software
  • Ability to embed the QTdrugs List in commercial software products
  • Ability to use the QTdrugs API for online access to up-to-date data in QTdrugs List
Step 1
Category of Access to QTdrugs and Type of Use

Click here to see types of Licenses available for commercial use of QTdrugs List and related technology.

Step 2
Non-Commercial Use

Step 2
Commercial Use (By for-profit entities or use by their employees)

Step 3
Your Details