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The safe use of the CredibleMeds® lists of medications requires that the user have the most up-to-date lists of drugs.  Therefore, we are very pleased to announce a new tool to help you assess the safety of medications:  

CredibleMeds Mobile Apps are now available free!

You can access the iPhone application in the iOS App Store by clicking here:

Likewise, if you have an Android device, search the Google Play store for CredibleMeds or click the following:

The Apps are synced to the CredibleMeds drugs lists and are therefore always an up-to-date resource for you to search for drugs of interest.  The Apps present the drug lists in our usual TdP risk categories or in the Drugs to Avoid format for patients with congenital Long QT Syndrome.

We hope you will find the Apps to be of value and we seek your feedback for any way they might be improved to better serve your needs.

We wish to recognize the FDA's Safe Use Initiative, the Bert W. Martin Foundation, numerous donors and the technical expertise of Keith Symmonds, a talented programmer with Congenital Long QT Syndrome, for their contributions and support which made these Apps possible.

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