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Levoketoconazole (Recorlev), a newly approved drug to treat Cushings Disease, has been found to cause QT prolongation but lacks conclusive evidence of TdP at this time. Based on the available evidence, Levoketoconazole has been added to the Possible Risk of TdP category of QTdrugs.

Clofazimine is a drug used with rifampin and dapsone to treat leprosy.  It has been in the Possible Risk of TdP category because of evidence of QT prolongation. Almost all TdP cases were confounded by either concomitant therapy with QT prolonging drugs, hypokalemia, hypomagnesemia or diagnosis of congenital long QT syndrome.  For this reason, clofazimine was moved from the Possible Risk of TdP category to the Conditional Risk of TdP category. 

As demonstrated by these revisions, the QTdrugs list is dynamic and can change frequently.  For that reason and to provide you with the most up-to-date information, AZCERT requires registration for access to the QTdrugs list so you can be informed by email when the list is revised.  To make a quick search of the QTdrugs list for specific drugs we recommend using the CredibleMeds smartphone app (Apple or Android).

We also want to remind all registrants that the QTdrugs list is a copyrighted technology and, as stated in the Terms of Use, any commercial use requires a license issued by AZCERT.  Licenses can be ordered online here and we are available to answer your questions or discuss other potential commercial uses for QTdrugs at info@azcert.org.

Thank you for your interest and continued support of CredibleMeds.

AZCERT Scientific Review Committee 

Raymond L. Woosley, MD, PhD
Klaus Romero, MD, MS
C. Will Heise, MD
Tyler Gallo, PharmD
Jared Tate, PharmD
David Woosley, MPH

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