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Changes made for gatifloxacin, quetiapine and Ziprasidone 

The safe use of the CredibleMeds® lists of QT-prolonging medications requires awareness of any changes that are made to the lists.  Therefore, we wish to inform you of the following changes.

We have evaluated the available evidence for two drugs used to treat psychosis, quetiapine (Seroquel®) and ziprasidone (Geodon® and Zeldox®) that we have had on our list of drugs with Possible Risk of TdP and found substantial evidence that they are associated with reports of TdP but, in almost all cases, only under certain conditions (overdose, concomitant drug with TdP risk, hypokalemia, etc.).  Therefore, we have moved these two drugs from the list of drugs with Possible Risk of TdP to the list of drugs with Conditional Risk of TdP.

We have also reviewed the available evidence for the antibiotic gatifloxacin (Tequin®) that is now on our list of drugs with Possible Risk of TdP.  Gatifloxacin has a strong signal for TdP in the FDA’s adverse event database and has been withdrawn from the US market due to reports of TdP.  Because it is currently being tested as an investigational drug for tuberculosis, we believe it should remain listed but moved to the list of drugs with Known Risk of TdP.

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