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The safe use of the CredibleMeds® lists of medications requires that the user have the most up-to-date lists and be aware when changes have been made.  Therefore, we wish to inform you of the following:  

We have been closely following the entire class of proton pump inhibitors because of their proven ability to induce hypomagnesemia and QT prolongation.  In 2014 we found evidence of an association between torsades de pointes (TdP) reports and the use of pantoprazole and, for thiis reason, this drug was added to the Conditional Risk of TdP  list.  This category was chosen because the drug creates the conditions (hypomagnesemia, hypokalemia and increased QT) that potentiate a risk of TdP.  We now have similar evidence for omeprazole, esomeprazole and lansoprazole and we have added these drugs to the Conditional Risk list.

We have added the diuretic bendroflumethiazide (also named bendrofluazide and brand name Aprinox) to the Conditional Risk of TdP list for the condition of use with Known Risk drugs and its induced condition of hypokalemia.

We have added the natural product ibogaine, a plant-based psychedelic drug used by some for un-approved treatment of opiate use disorder, to the list of drugs with Known Risk of TdP.

We have added the antiretroviral drug efavirenz (brand name Sustiva) to the Possible Risk of TdP list because there is clear evidence of QT prolongation without evidence of TdP at this time. 

Also, because the above newly added drugs can cause QT prolongation, they will also be placed on the list of Drugs to Avoid (if at all possible) in patients with Congenital Long QT Syndrome. 

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