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March 15, 2018 at 5:44 PM

As a companion to the list, CredibleMeds® has recently added a new list of clinical factors that are associated with QT prolongation and TdP,  These two databases are maintained by the non-profit Arizona Center for Education and Research on Therapeutics (AZCERT) and made available at no cost to researchers, healthcare providers and the public.  AZCERT’s scientific review team has identified seventy-six clinical factors (e.g. age, sex, diseases, fever, bradycardia, inflammation, environmental factors, diets, medical syndromes) that are associated with reports of increased QT interval and/or TdP.  The team evaluated the quality of the evidence and the strength of each factor’s association with QT and/or TdP using a modification of the standardized Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation (GRADE) process.  The website allows the user to display, sort, download and print the information.  For each factor, the site includes a link to automatically search the National Library of Medicine’s PubMed database for references to all of the most recent relevant articles and reviews.  AZCERT is committed to maintaining the database and seeks commentary and advice on the list of factors at

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