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Dear subscribers to CredibleMeds.org:


The following drugs have beeen added to the Possible Risk of TdP list because we have found evidence of QT prolongation with their use but, at this time, we have not found convincing evidence of torsades de pointes (TdP). 


Levomethadone (used to treat narcotic addiction)

Lefamulin (Antibiotic to treat community acquired pneumonia)

Pretomanid (Drug for extensively drug-resistant TB)

Entrectinib (Anti-cancer drug)

Pitolisant (Drug for treatment of narcolepsy/daytime sleepiness)



Also, Risperidone, a medicine used to treat psychosis and other conditions, has been moved from the Possible Risk of TdP list to the Conditional Risk of TdP list because it has been associated with reports of TdP in conditions such as:  bradycardia (slow heart rate), low serum potassium, low serum magnesium, excessive dose or when taken with other drugs that prolong QT.


Abiraterone, a drug for prostate cancer has been added to the Conditional Risk of TdP list because it has been associated with low serum serum potassium and reports of TdP. 


All of the medicines listed above and the following asthma medicines, Fenoterol and the inhaled bronchodilator/corticosteroid combination, Salmeterol/fluticasone, were added to the Drugs to Avoid in congenital Long QT syndrome (cLQTS) category.  


We welcome your feedback and suggestions for how CredibleMeds can better serve your need for information about medicines. 

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