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This past February, CredibleMeds announced the launch of a free mobile application, allowing patients and healthcare providers a new and accessible way to search its database of drugs that may cause QT prolongation and increase the risk for torsades de pointes (TdP). The app has since garnered acclaim from users for its value as a quick and easy resource for searching the CredibleMeds list of potentially harmful medicines. The ability to check for drugs which may increase the risk of arrhythmia for patients with congenital LQTS has been a particularly beneficial feature for consumers.

One Google user, commenting in the Google Play Store, was quick to praise the ingenuity of the new product, calling it an “incredibly useful and helpful app. We all know the situation when you need to check a drug but have no access to the list. Now it is always in your pocket...and always up to date. Thank you to the developer!”

Since launch, the CredibleMeds mobile app has been downloaded by nearly 13,000 unique users through Google Play and the Apple and Microsoft App Stores. Those who make regular use of the mobile resource can expect ongoing updates to the QTdrugs list, as well as improvements to usability of the app based on user feedback.

Following the successful launch of the app, Cardiology Today recently published an article in their newest edition featuring the new mobile offering for patients and healthcare providers, written by Dr. Ray Woosley, Founder of CredibleMeds. The online and print publication is distributed to roughly 49,000 cardiologists each month, bringing them the latest news and research in the field of cardiology. You can find this article, detailing the features of the new mobile App here.

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