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CredibleMeds founder, Dr. Raymond L. Woosley, and R. David Woosley, MPH have collaborated on a chapter for the book On the QT, edited by Dr. John Somberg. 


The chapter — titled “QTdrugs and the CredibleMeds.org Website: Clinical Research Applications” — outlines how CredibleMeds has made a significant contribution in cataloging the many medications that can prolong the QT and can cause life-threatening arrhythmia. 


"On the QT" provides clinicians, medical students, drug developers and regulators with a basic review of cardiac electrophysiology, the pharmacology of antiarrhythmic drugs, a review of current regulatory guidelines, how to measure the QT and other ECG manifestations of cardiac repolarization as well as possible future direction in these areas.

On the QT also includes contributions by:

Janos Molnar MD

Charles Antzelevitch PhD

Gilad Margolis MD

James O-Donnell PharmD

David Pribyl Esq

David Milan MD

Hoang Nguyen MD

Joon-Hyuk Kim MD 

and David Slotwiner MD

On the Q is available for purchase here: https://www.amazon.com/QT-John-Somberg-MD/dp/1736852701

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