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May 26, 2022

Re: Changes to the QTdrugs List

Dear CredibleMeds Registrants,

Deutetrabenazine (used to treat tardive dyskinesia) and Dexmedetomidine (a sedative) were removed from the  Possible Risk of TdP category and are no longer on the QTdrugs list. Our analysis of new evidence did not support their continued placement on the list. 

As demonstrated by these revisions, the QTdrugs list is dynamic and can change frequently.  For that reason and to provide you with the most up-to-date information, AZCERT requires registration for access to the QTdrugs list so you can be informed by email when the list is revised. We recommend you sign up for our newsletter here so you can be notified by email when the QTdrugs list has been revised.

To make a quick search of the QTdrugs list for specific drugs we recommend using the CredibleMeds smartphone App (Apple or Android).

AZCERT Scientific Review Committee

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