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At the heart of the ADECA process that is used to maintain the QTdrugs List is the active and passive surveillance of data for the thousands of prescription drugs  available  in the United States. We analyze this constant stream of new data to keep robust, up-to-date profiles on each drug – profiles that include laboratory research, relevant adverse event reports to FDA, CYP 450 metabolic activity, drug interactions, drug label information and much more.

While changes to the QTdrugs List are important milestones, there is constant background work that allows us to make (or not make) those changes in the most accurate and informed way possible. To help illustrate and quantify this constant background surveillance, we have added a new graphic to our CredibleMeds homepage that displays up-to-date metrics summarizing the drug safety surveillance performed each month by AZCERT’s Scientific Review Committee. 

We hope that by offering this window into our work, users of AZCERT will gain a deeper understanding of how we maintain the QTdrugs List and the List of Drugs to Avoid in congenital LQTS.

Check every month to see how many scientific articles and drug labels have been newly reviewed, and the number of new drugs we’ve added to our database!

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